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"Well, as someone raised by Muggles, I actually know how to use this thing! I prefer owling, still, I think. Much more exciting. And this thingy doesn't look like any bloody phone I know. Merlin. Anyway, leave a message after the tone. Or send me a text. James, if this is you calling, yes I took your plaid shirt again. I promise I'll give it back. Well, maybe."

All voicemail and text messages can be left here for Lily Potter.


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All mail and e-mail for Lily Potter at The Nook can be left here.
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Lily loves James dearly, she does. And Sirius, as well, of course. And all of their friends hold a special place in her heart as well. But sometimes, she just needs a moment away. Most of her friends here are decidedly male, and there's only so much of boys being boys that Lily can handle on a daily basis.

So she shoots off a text to Lila to meet her at The Beanstalk for a drink. Despite it's reputation, Lily has come to be fond of the bar. It's built by and aimed for those with magical abilities and those of the supernatural persuasion, which is a nice sort of island in the midst of so much Muggle technology and advancements. Not to mention, they make the same magical drinks of Lily's home, which she misses more than she can say.

So she Apparates to just outside of the bar, giving the password and making her way inside, dressed casually in a silver, floral sundress and dark grey boots, her money safe in a purse she's charmed so she doesn't have to worry about thieves.

She makes her way to the bar and orders a Knotgrass Mead for herself while she waits for her friend to appear.
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Since Sirius and James told her about The Nook, the quaint house in the country her son resided in during his time in Darrow, Lily has plotted and planned. In the way James spoke of the place, she knew instantly that he longed to live there. To absorb what he can of the same air Harry breathed, when he was here. So though that first trip out had been difficult, nearly impossible, really, what with the way Lily had burst into tears at the first sight of the living room, her son's things scattered about as though he might walk through the door any moment, she kept coming back in fits and bursts, sometimes with Sirius and James, sometimes by herself.

Two weeks before James' birthday, she took Sirius aside and they began plotting. Sirius helped keep James distracted, giving Lily time to sneak away and make the trips necessary for them to move into The Nook. She decided with Sirius that the best surprise they could give James was moving into the place, and to throw a surprise birthday party at the house along with it.

Lily took the time and care to make sure she kept all of Harry's things. She arranged for them all to be placed in one of the four bedrooms, a sort of shrine in the hopes that Harry might show up on their doorstep. For the most part, she kept the furniture in the living room as is. She sold the dining room table and chairs, replaced them with a set that better suited her and James' taste. She spent as much of her spare time as she could buying and arranging furniture; of painting rooms and decorating them to make the place feel more like their home in Godric's Hollow. She added to the spells and charms about the place, increasing security and adding warmth, coziness to their new home.

Finally, on the day of James' birthday, everything is set. She employs Sirius once more to distract James, while she Apparates and charms all of their belongings in their flat to the new place. She hurries to cook, clean, and set up decorations in Gryffindor colors, red and gold. She arranges everything in the backyard; she has charms ready to protect everything in case of rain. She'd spoken with a local witch, who informed her that she could find Firewhiskey and other drinks from her world at a place called the Beanstalk. She'd spoken with the owner, and now she has one table loaded with a variety of drinks, both from her world and Muggle, charmed to chilled perfection. Another table holds the food, a wide variety of all of James' favorites, including desserts.

She's set up the record player with speakers, using her magic so that the perfect song plays just when it's wanted most. There's a space set aside for dancing, as well as a table off to the side for presents, which Lily has already started to stack with some of her own. Fairy lights float throughout the party, each one a kaleidoscope of gold and red. She charms the whole of the house so that it smells different to each individual, matching their favorite scent that reminds them of home.

Finally, she sets up the banners and ribbons, the banners charmed with letters that dance and move. And she waits for James to arrive.
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“Take Harry and run!”

It never ceases to amaze Lily how quickly just one night can go to hell.

She knows she has to go. Knows that James is offering her a chance, though they both know that chance is slim, all but nonexistent. Still, the reality remains: James is making good on his wedding vows.

Lily wants to do just the opposite, though. She wants to stay and fight with James, the way they’ve always done before; everything in her shudders at the idea of turning around and leaving James to die.

She knows, as she reluctantly nods, that James is going to die. That, if by some miracle, she can grab Harry and run, she will never see the man she loves again. But she also knows her son needs her, now. So, eyes heavy with tears, Lily nods and turns. She runs up the stairs as the door crashes open behind her. She tries not to flinch; she fails.

She hasn’t even reached the door to Harry’s room when the glare of green light flashes on the wall opposite of her; the thud of James’ body echoing in the space behind her as her heart sinks just as heavily to her stomach. She shudders, gasping for breath; she wishes she could have a few moments more. To at least be able to say a proper goodbye.

All she can see as she runs into Harry’s room is the first time she met James Potter all those years ago; the first time she called him an “arrogant toe rag” to his face. The first time she yelled at him for picking on Snape. Their first date. The first time she realized she loved him. And, of course, the first time they both realized they were going to be parents together.

Those images whirl throughout her mind as she makes her way to Harry’s crib. Harry, the boy she loves so much. “Shh,” she whispers to him, tears running down her face and fear leaping up in her heart. All she wants now is the safety of her child. The only precious thing in her life left. “I’ve got you sweet boy.”

Which is when the cold hits her, square in the heart. Laughter, a cruel and rotten echo, like a ghost shuddering for breath, unfurls into the room. Creeps closer to her and her child. She pivots on her feet, determined as much as she is afraid. She refuses to give in to the way her heart beats out of time. Not just yet. She’s still a fighter.

cut for length and death )

She awakens to the sound of waves lapping up against sandy shores. Lily opens her eyes, dampness and cold soaking through her clothes from where she lays on her side, apparently washed up on some beach.

“What in the bloody name of Merlin’s beard?” She asks herself, picking herself up from the water’s edge. She shivers, and it takes her a moment to recognize her own wand just beneath her feet. She hurries to pick it up, struck by how wet and cold she feels. Luckily, from the quick glance she makes of the beach, she’s utterly alone. So she casts spells to clean, dry, and warm herself, quick as she can.

She continues studying her new environment, wonders how she got here. Is this heaven? Or did Voldemort banish her to some remote island instead of killing her?

No, that can’t be right, she thinks. Voldemort would only spare her life if she’d stood aside. And Lily knew damn well she was never going to stand aside.

She shivers, cursing beneath her breath. Of bloody course she winds up on a beach in cold weather.

And then it hits her, all at once; the memories from last night. James telling her to take Harry and go, James’ body hitting the floor, throwing herself in front of Harry’s crib, Voldemort, and the flash of green light. Death.

Except she feels very much alive, and she wonders how that can be. It has to be some kind of magic. And maybe, if she’s alive, James is too.

But then, what about Harry? Surely, he must be here too. If some divine force saw fit to save her life, surely it would have spared that of her child as well.

But she stands alone on the sand, head whipping back and forth. Not a crib in sight; no baby crying out, no bright green eyes, same as hers, peering out from beneath a bundle of blankets.

“Harry?” Tears fall, and panic finally settles in. Lily jerks forward, holding her wand out and scanning the beach desperately for any signs of a young baby.

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"Take Harry and run!"

Those were the last words James spoke to her. The last time she would ever hear his voice, she knew even as she turned to run up the stairs, fighting back tears.

It was all useless, really, she thinks as she hurries into Harry's room, moving to plant herself firmly in front of his crib. She tries not to wince at the sounds coming from downstairs. She closes her eyes, swallows, at the telltale thud on the floor.

She pulls out her wand, no matter how useless it really is to her in this hour. There is no escape from this. But she'll be damned if she goes down without a fight. She won't give Voldemort that satisfaction.

She takes a breath, she opens her eyes.

Suddenly, she's...standing in the park?

"What in Merlin's name?" She blinks. "Harry?"

And then she panics.



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